Designer and client going over house plans

Great Homes Start with

Good Foundations

From initial concept through final delivery, Good Foundations, Inc. works with you to produce beautiful, functional homes that address your particular project’s needs and conditions. Our "one-stop shop" environment addresses your design and engineering needs to both realize your vision and get your project permitted. This holistic approach eliminates communication gaps that can cause project delays, errors and omissions. Good Foundations, Inc. provides multiple touch points for clients throughout the design process to ensure you're empowered with the information you need to make critical decisions about your project.

Unlike stock blueprints provided by internet house plan companies, our experienced team composes custom solutions to meet your individual project needs. We help you understand issues that can arise when building a custom home, provide answers to your questions and concerns related to your project, and proactively address design, engineering, and permitting issues before they become problems. Give us a call when you're ready to start talking about designing your dream home.

Good Foundations, Inc. — Watercolor rendering of exterior view of Country residence

Bridging the Gap from Blueprints to Visualization

By designing from the ground up in three dimensional format, we engage our clients in our interactive home design process. We provide an accurate and immersive representation of how our clients will live and work in their home before the first nail is driven. This approach to home design and, specifically client interaction, provides our clients the ability to make well-informed decisions about their design during the formative stages of a project.

We communicate with our clients regularly throughout the life of their project, avoiding many of the budget increases that result from miscommunication or incomplete information. We treat every project as a chance to show our clients that building a home should truly be a collaborative endeavor. We believe that a well-informed client is paramount to a successful project and a satisfactory customer experience.

Individual Customers

Design the House You've Always Dreamed Of

Our comprehensive, hands-on approach to both design and customer interaction begins with gaining a thorough understanding of your project needs. We will listen to your ideas and design preferences, discuss your wants and needs, and gain insights into the reasons behind them.  From there, we will work with you as your partner on a journey to the home of your dreams.

Builders & Construction Customers

A Professional Team for Professional Clients

Our integrated team of designers and engineers will work with you to address all of the architectural, structural, and civil aspects of your projects. Our one-stop shop environment expedites project coordination, eliminates communication gaps, and prevents costly delays that can negatively affect your bottom line. Our team has years of experience working with builders and developers and understands the importance of delivering results on time and on budget.