About Us

Our Process

At Good Foundations, Inc., we follow a customer-centric process that is focused on making sure you are informed at every step. By keeping the lines of communication open, we can ensure that we are meeting your needs and finding solutions to issues before they become costly errors.

We know that it can be difficult for customers to understand the intricacies of two-dimensional blueprints. To avoid misunderstandings, our experienced staff of designers and engineers use 3-D modeling software to bring blueprints to life.

More than Just Blueprints

Three Dimensional Modeling

Rather than simply showing a flat floor plan, this software allows us to show the relationships between rooms and spaces, how appliances and cabinetry will be situated, and give you a real sense of your new home. With these 3-D models, we allow you to accurately visualize how you will live and work in your new space before construction begins.


Three dimensional rendering of custom home design


We meet with you, discuss your wants, needs and dreams. We take the time to listen and fully understand how you will use and live in your home. By understanding what is important to you and what you hope to get out of your home, we can design a custom solution tailored to your exact needs.

We strive to make the house design process interactive and collaborative. Designing a home should involve the home owner, the designer, and the builder all working as a team with each bringing their own contributions, input, and unique perspective to the project.


A completed custom home designed by Good Foundations, Inc.


With this understanding of your desires, we develop a design built around how you will use your home. Rather than simply finding a stock blueprint that is “good enough,” we strive to develop a one-of-a-kind solution that meets all of your needs.

Our research includes taking into account your budget, any special considerations related to your site, and the specific permitting process for your area. We also consider local codes and home owner association regulations, how your home will fit into the location, and requirements of architectural review boards.



Whether you are ready to have us begin creating designs or simply want to ask a question, give us a call.

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