3-D Custom Home Design: See Your Home Before Building Begins

February 14, 2018

Rapidly developing technology means homeowners can now view their dream home before the first nail goes in and the first wall goes up. Blueprints come to life with the 3-D custom home design system offered by Good Foundations. You’re able to literally do a walk-through before the concrete gets poured. It’s the perfect time to make any needed adjustments in flow and layout. 


Building a new home no longer requires you to wait until a builder completes it before you can find out what it feels like. Homeowners today can receive a tour of their future home through a 3-D custom home design.

This innovative computer aided drafting, or CAD, software takes the guessing out of visualization. It renders a life-like design our clients can view on computer screens; including desktop, tablets and mobile devices. This enables the homeowner an easy and convenient way to inspect every aspect of the floor plan, and in essence, try it on before they buy it.

As you can imagine, this service has become wildly popular among future homeowners and those in the building industry. The capabilities of 3-D modeling offers several benefits to both the buyer and the designer.

Improves Clients’ Feel for New Home

We humans have a hard time waiting for almost anything, let alone the completion of a custom dream home. Nowadays, you can acquire an improved sense of how it will look, feel, and perform with a 3-D custom home design.

Knowing what your home will eventually become improves the likelihood you will have a high-level of satisfaction and confidence once you move in. Want to change something? Do you want a front porch or just an overhang over the front door? Designers can easily present you multiple design solutions with 3-D modeling.

A 3-D custom home design offers you a peace of mind, especially if this is the first time you’re building a home.

Eliminates Design Issues Faster

Besides the new homeowner, the designer benefits. In the march to a paperless society, thanks to technology breakthroughs, those who design custom homes can work faster and more efficiently. CAD eliminates all the time it takes to flip through flat, 2-D drawings hunting for design or building flaws. The ability to manipulate the 3-D image makes the floor plan more precise and accurate. Additionally, it allows home designers to test and improve various issues and arrive at a solution much quicker. No more architectural drafts drawn on paper only to throw it in the garbage. One of the most important features is the specific and detailed instruction it provides the builder. No more guesswork or last-minute glitches.

Good Foundations Looks Forward to Designing Your Custom Home 

At Good Foundations, we strive to make the residential design process interactive and collaborative between the homeowner, designer and builder. Working together on a 3-D custom home design we develop a one-of-a-kind, beautiful home that meets all of your needs. Reach out to us today and let’s build the home you have always desired!

Good Foundations owner Keith Branch adds, “It renders a life-like design on the computer screen or printed out on paper. I have the capability to allow people to view their designs in 3D on their phones and tablets, as well.”